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St. Paul’s Way lies in the middle of London's Water City, in Europe’s largest regeneration area encompassing the Royal Docks, Canning Town, Canary Wharf, Poplar, Stratford City, Westfield Shopping Centre, and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The St. Paul's Way Transformation Project is stimulating and creating enterprise and business activities in the community of Poplar, Tower Hamlets. Read more »

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Prof Brian Cox looks east for new science talent

Published on: 1 September 2015

Britain needs more scientists and engineers, says renowned physicist Professor Brian Cox – and he’s looking to east London’s young students to supply the demand.

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Photo: Newham Recorder

Professor Brian Cox: 'More girls needed in science'

Published on: 31 August 2015

Britain's most famous particle physicist, Professor Brian Cox, says not enough girls are considering a career in science. He wants that to change and went back to school this week to urge more girls to experiment with science.

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Photo: CBBC/Newsround

There may be life on Pluto, says Brian Cox

Published on: 31 August 2015

Over the past six weeks, mankind has learnt more about Pluto than in the previous 85 years. The dwarf planet has snowfalls, mountains of ice rearing two miles high, and a youthful crust that belies its creaky old age. Could it also harbour life? Brian Cox believes it might.

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Photo: The Times

Brian Cox: Don’t STEM the science flow

Published on: 27 August 2015

The eminent scientist, writer and broadcaster Professor Brian Cox is passionate about inspiring future generations to enter his profession. In this exclusive article, he explains why Britain needs more Asian scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians.

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Photograph courtesy Elizabeth Norden

How to be as good at science as Professor Brian Cox

Published on: 24 August 2015

Britain's most famous particle physicist says not enough students are considering a career in science. Professor Brian Cox wants more of us to experiment with science, with women in particular being put off from what's become a male dominated industry.

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Photo: ITV News London

Prof Brian Cox goes into Orbit for Stratford space talk

Published on: 21 August 2015

Renowned particle physicist Brian Cox is finally getting a chance to go up into Orbit. The one in the Olympic Park that is, so he can just keep on D:Reaming.

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Photo: Ian West/PA Images

Professor Brian Cox at the ArcelorMittal Orbit

Published on: 26 July 2015

Fans of science, space and former ’90s pop stars will want to buy a ticket to see Professor Brian Cox at the ArcelorMittal Orbit on August 26. As the sun sets over the 20-mile view of London, Professor Cox will be talking for an hour about his work at The Large Hadron Collider and discussing new discoveries in space.

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Photo: The Metro

Science Summer School 2015

Science Summer School 2015

Students with Professor Cox feel the heat in a practical workshop

Grahame Price, Executive Headteacher and Professor Cox welcome Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science to St Pauls Way Trust School

Professor Brian Cox, OBE sets the scene for Science Summer School

A presentation by conservation biologist James Borrell poses the question - Is there hope for conservation

Professor Cox with Dr Eileen K Stansbery, Director Astromaterials, Research and Exploration Science, NASA

Gavin Poole, iCITY CEO, welcomes delegates to Here East

Professor Cox and backdrop from the Orbit

An Evening with Professor Brian Cox, OBE at ArcelorMittal Orbit in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to raise funds for Science Summer School